DIY color code keys with nail polish

You don’t have to fumble with your keys at the front door. Grab some nail-polish and color code your keys. 


Got Shutters to Spare? DIY ideas

I obsess over shutters on the curb. Every-time I see them out for the trash, I have to fight myself to not bring them home! There are so many functions for old shutters. The possibilities are endless. I have gathered a few pictures to hopefully inspire those of you whom may be remodeling and have a few shutters lying around. They make excellent mail organizers, magazine racks, headboards, etc.

Organize Teeter Tottering Bikes in the Garage! DIY with pallets!

I no longer have the privilege of living in a home with a garage, but I thought this idea was simple and efficient enough to post for all the others out there whom do have a garage and a few bikes! Many people believe that until they take time to find the studs in the wall, hang hooks and hang their bikes from them, that their bikes have to remain in that awkward stack which could fall over at any moment. However, with the simple use of a pallet or two you can change all that. AND for those of us whom aren’t drill friendly, or for those extremely frugal, this is the perfect solution!!

Also, if you personally don’t have any pallets lying around, go on craigslist, click under your area and under the for sale section select the free section. Pallets are an item I constantly see listed on free craigslist. There are also so many other functions for pallets, from making beds, couches, coffee tables, etc, etc,.

Are Bugs Preventing You From Enjoying the Beautiful Outdoors?? DIY Solutions!

  I dislike the smell of bug spray. I also dislike the grimy feel of bug spray. My sister also will not let me wear bug spray when I am babysitting my nephew, and i love being outside where I thought bugs were unavoidable. However, it has recently come to my attention that there are other methods of controlling flies.

Method One: A clear plastic bag filled with water, with a shiny penny inside, hung in the air.

This method will apparently help keep bugs away during the day. Just hang a clear plastic bag filled with water and a shiny penny or two, in an area of the yard where you find flies to be pesky. Its best if the bag is in a sunny area, as it increases the reflection of light off the water, which flies stay away from.

Method 2: Herbs

Herbs like basil, lavender, mint and rosemary have strong aromas which are fly repellants. They also grow easily too, and taste great in foods and drinks. So perhaps try planting a few different planters of herbs around your patio area.

Method 3: Hanging CD’s

Very similarly to the reason why hanging plastic bags filled with water repels flies, some claim that hanging old cds over their sunny patios reflects the sunlight enough to keep flies away.

Let me know what you do to keep flies away !! Also if you like home style products, check out my etsy shop called Beaucycled.