Repurposing A Baby Crib!

Many times, before an item has already completed its purpose I am thinking of new ways to use it. My next few posts will be focusing on repurposing items which many of us use and outgrow. What better to start with than repurposing cribs?

Here are a few ideas I have compiled which are great for using your child’s crib, even after they outgrow it. These ideas are also great for cribs you may have held onto which no longer meet safety regulations!

The “art of the rs” show a crib side used as a blanket or towel rackImage

ImageRepurposed Crib as a baby gate, Heres the instructions

       ImageRepurposed Crib Desk by Chez Larsson

I’m interested in how you reuse your child’s crib! Show me!


Slow Drain.. DIY Household Solution

My boyfriend’s bathroom sink drains slowly. I was tired of the toothpaste marks left behind after the drain would finally empty. So I decided to try a solution I found on the internet. It was so simple and it proved effective.

*** Bring 1 Quart of water to a boil (4 cups). Pour 1/2 a cup of salt down the drain and rinse it down there with the 1 quart of boiling water. The water does not have to be a rapid boil for this to work. **

I hope this works for you too!