Upcoming Festivals I’m Attending…

My summer is jam packed with festivals I’ll be vending at. Check out these events to bring home your very own succulents :).

Saturday June 29th, I’ll be in Beach Haven New Jersey, on Long Beach Island. Join me at Bicentennial Park, off of one of the main drags on Long Beach Island, Bay Ave. The festivities will take place from 9 am to 4pm. They usually have some live music going and tons of vendors. This market is a mix of crafters and flea market vendors. Along with my succulents, I’ll be bringing some of my vintage treasures such as pyrex, silver plated flatware, vintage purses, etc. I’ll also have some of my handmade accessories recycled from bicycle tire tubes.

  Sunday June 30th, I’ll be in South Philadelphia at the FDR skatepark for the Punx Picnic Block Party. In attendance will be a handful of family friendly, punk cover bands and vendors selling their punk memorabilia, records, old treasures from their closet and also handmade creations. The party starts at 1 pm and continues until 6pm. The location was recently changed to the skatepark, with the benefit that it’s under an overhang and weather won’t be a threat! I’ll be in attendance with tons of succulents and other fun stuff!

Punx Picnic in South Philadelphia! Don’t miss this fun yearly event! Click the picture for more vendor information.

Saturday June 6th, join me and other vendors on Main Street in Hammonton from 9 am-12 pm. Vendors will have a range of products from fresh produce, antiques, to handmade goods. A few other Etsy vendors attend this market, and there should be some awesome finds! Stop by on your way down to the Jersey Shores!

 Sunday June 7th, I’ll most likely attend Kirby’s Mill Farmer Market on Main Street in Medford from 10-2. Stop by for fairly priced organic eggs, herbs, honey, local pasture fed and raised meats, handmade items and of course my succulents! Very friendly vendors and a great place to support locals.

I’ll keep updating you with events as they near!



Keeping Succulents Outdoors.. Mini Greenhouses?

Sooo I’ve been traveling quite a bit from festival to festival with my succulents. I have tons of succulents and limited storage space. I searched around on Pinterest for some DIY greenhouse ideas, but through my searches I ultimately opted to buy this one off EBAY.

The greenhouse was a very fair price and took less than an hour to assemble. I’m pretty pleased with this purchase, as it allows me to store my succulents on eight shelves- protected from the weather and pests. I laid a piece of plastic down where I put the greenhouse, to further protect the plants from bugs and ants. The wire shelves that come with the greenhouse aren’t the most sturdy, so I found it best to put a piece of cardboard or a plastic container lid over the shelves. You can even store the succulents in boxes on the shelves and that makes transporting them easier. This will however block some sunlight from penetrating down to the next shelf of succulents. I use this to my favor though, and store the newest planted cuttings on shelves that have cardboard over the shelves, because they shouldn’t get much sunlight in the beginning anyways.

   Through and through I would highly recommend this greenhouse to someone like myself, who doesn’t wish to spend a lot of money and needs a temporary greenhouse structure. Shipping was free and I think it was a good bargain at $54. In comparison to the other greenhouses I saw on ebay, this one had twice the shelves and space. Plus you can even stand in the greenhouse without hitting your head.. and I am pretty tall.



Propagating Succulents… Made Easy

When I first began caring for succulents i became interested in propagating them. And so, the experimenting began. Let me share with you what I have learned.

You can start growing your own succulents with as little as one plump succulent leaf. While the leaf may be small, it has to be a thick leaf with water stored in it for rooting to be successful. Otherwise, the leaf will soak up too much water from the soil, rot and basically disappear.

Wait a day to a few days before planting the leaf or cutting. This allows a callus to form where the cutting fell off the plant, also preventing the cutting from absorbing too much moisture. 

Dip the cutting in Honey. As explained in previous posts, Honey acts like a rooting hormone and expedites the growth process.

Use succulent/cactus soil and stick the callused bottom of the cutting in the soil. Leave a good portion of the cutting above soil to catch sunlight. 

Don’t expose the cuttings or leaves to harsh sunlight while rooting. This causes too much stress and the cutting wont root and grow.

Don’t water the cuttings or leaves. It’s best to just lightly moisten the soil and stir the moisture all around prior to planting the leaves.

Lastly, be patient and leave those babies alone! 


This is a picture of perfect rosettes growing from very small but plump leaves I cared for exactly as I described above. I planted the leaves and left them while on vacation for 2 weeks. I came home to a pleasant surprise :).

Are You a Knitter?

   I absolutely love knitting. I find it relaxing and gratifying. If you feel the same way, I bet you also like free knitting patterns! I have a whole “pinboard” on Pinterest.com devoted to free knitting patterns and tutorials. I have over 100 pins in this board, its a plethora of free knitting knowledge. More knowledge than you can even find at your local library or craft store. Click the link above and you will be taken to my library of knitting knowledge and patterns!
I like to keep knitting simple. If you’re into really simple, one skein, knit stitch only patterns, check out the patterns for sale in my Etsy Shop. They’re super reasonable patterns for quick knit infinity scarves. It’s never too early to start preparing for next holiday season!

Succulents… Tip #4 Air Those Babies Out

Honestly, besides being super trendy, mason jars are actually very functional for succulents. Believe it or not, mason jars and closed containers act like a mini greenhouse and advance the growth of your succulent.  They also hold moisture in a warm atmosphere for your succulent. This means that you will have to water your succulent WAY less frequently than when in an open to air pot. It’s also convenient that mason jars are clear and you can visually see when to water your plant.
The one catch to mason jars and closed container terrariums… When things look hot and moist on the inside, make sure you take the lid off and let things air out for a few hours or a day at a time. I’ve found that if you leave the lid on your succulent container for too long with too much moisture, your succulent will get root rot, molded and die. When I say too long, i mean I left the lid on a mason jar terrarium for like a week.. If your going on vacation or gonna be out of the house for a while I’d recommend to leave with the lid off. I’ve seen some bloggers swear by adding charcoal to the soil, to prevent this fungus and molding reaction. But I’ve found you can do just splendid without the charcoal, if you simply take the lid off your container every few days!
Succulents are very low maitenance. I hope my tips are showing you that over caring for your succulent is the worst thing you can do!


Succulents.. Tip #3 Don’t Overwater

The absolute worst thing you can do to a succulent is overwater it. Sadly, I have killed a beauty or two by overwatering… so lets talk about what constitutes “overwatering”
If you’re new to succulents, It’s easy to gauge watering by planting your succulent in a clear glass pot. I use everything from beautiful clear glass vintage tea cups to globes, mason jars, glass bowls, etc. The clear glass allows you to see how much water is in your succulent’s soil.

Soo.. what to do?? If you can see or feel moisture in your succulent’s soil, it’s not time to water yet!! It’s really as simple as that. Watering when there is still moisture in your succulent’s soil will cause root rot. These babies store water in their leaves. They can go weeks at a time without water. So don’t drown them!

Succulents.. Tip #2 Don’t Get Skimpy With the Rocks

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m really scientific, and I have “controls” or things I keep consistent when caring for my succulents. This helps me determine the effects of different things I do in caring for my succulents. One thing I can assure you is that you can’t go skimpy on the rocks.

 Planting Your Succulent: Succulents require well oxygenated soil. In my experience, it has proved absolutely necessary to fill the bottom of the pot or planter with two to three layers of rocks.  Sometimes I put a layer of clean sand in between the layer of rocks and soil. This isn’t necessary but it also isn’t detrimental. If you live close to a beach with soft, clean sand… This can save you some money. As far as soil, succulents do best with a catus/succulent mix soil such as the bagged soil by Miracle Grow. These soils are quicker draining and don’t hold moisture like regular potting soil. This is especially necessary in the “rooting phase”, to prevent too much moisture which causes root rot.

Of course, don’t forget to douse the roots or stem of your succulent in Honey before planting. Honey acts like a natural rooting hormone, it works like magic and makes a world of difference. After planting my succulents, I find it beneficial to use small smooth pebbles on top of the soil. This helps the soil and the stem of the succulent stay fixed in place, which promotes quicker rooting.

Happy Gardening

How Do You Get Your Succulents To Live..?

Quite a few people have now flat out asked me … “How do you get your succulents to live“? Caring for succulents is honestly easier than most can believe. However, there are key interventions necessary when caring for succulents. I’ve decided to start sharing my top secret information I’ve learned about caring for succulents through trial and error. Follow my simple suggestions, and you too will have thriving, even flowering succulents.

Secret Number 1: Honey acts like a natural rooting hormone.  When it comes to succulents… Honey is your best friend, your survival weapon. Before planting your succulents, or when transplanting- make sure to give the stem, or roots a good soaking in Honey. Your succulent will love you for this, trust me.


   Wine boxes recycled from your local liquor store or winery, make awesome planters!!
Keep checking back, as I will continue to share my secrets with you!

It’s Been A While…

Nearly an entire year passed since my last post. Busy, Busy, Busy… But now its Summertime and Im so happy to find myself time to blog. While I may not have been posting a lot on my blog here with you, I post more than you can imagine on Pinterest and Tumblr. Check out these pages for WAYYYY more – images/ tutorials / recipes / Anything I found interesting. As you’ll see.. I’m an avid pinner..  As always, feel free to browse my shop, Beaucycled on etsy.com

While you won’t see my beautiful succulent arrangements and terrariums in my shop just yet, you can get your hands on these rare beauties at the following occasions :) :  

      Saturday June 22nd: in South Jersey (Mt Laurel) Rancocas Woods Craft Show from 9-2

     Sunday June 23rd: in South Jersey, on Main Street in Medford.. Kirby’s Mill Farmer’s Market  from 10-2!

    Saturday June 29th: Its not official yet, but hoping to be at the Beach Haven CAP Market on Long Beach Island, In Beach Haven, at Bicentennial Park. 9-4

    Sunday June 30th: The Punx Picnic Block Party in South Philadelphia at 16th and Dickinson from 1-6! More festivals, block parties, punk flea markets, type events, dates will be announced.. Click the links above for further information on the events I’ll be attending.