How Do You Get Your Succulents To Live..?

Quite a few people have now flat out asked me … “How do you get your succulents to live“? Caring for succulents is honestly easier than most can believe. However, there are key interventions necessary when caring for succulents. I’ve decided to start sharing my top secret information I’ve learned about caring for succulents through trial and error. Follow my simple suggestions, and you too will have thriving, even flowering succulents.

Secret Number 1: Honey acts like a natural rooting hormone.  When it comes to succulents… Honey is your best friend, your survival weapon. Before planting your succulents, or when transplanting- make sure to give the stem, or roots a good soaking in Honey. Your succulent will love you for this, trust me.


   Wine boxes recycled from your local liquor store or winery, make awesome planters!!
Keep checking back, as I will continue to share my secrets with you!


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