Succulents.. Tip #2 Don’t Get Skimpy With the Rocks

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m really scientific, and I have “controls” or things I keep consistent when caring for my succulents. This helps me determine the effects of different things I do in caring for my succulents. One thing I can assure you is that you can’t go skimpy on the rocks.

 Planting Your Succulent: Succulents require well oxygenated soil. In my experience, it has proved absolutely necessary to fill the bottom of the pot or planter with two to three layers of rocks.  Sometimes I put a layer of clean sand in between the layer of rocks and soil. This isn’t necessary but it also isn’t detrimental. If you live close to a beach with soft, clean sand… This can save you some money. As far as soil, succulents do best with a catus/succulent mix soil such as the bagged soil by Miracle Grow. These soils are quicker draining and don’t hold moisture like regular potting soil. This is especially necessary in the “rooting phase”, to prevent too much moisture which causes root rot.

Of course, don’t forget to douse the roots or stem of your succulent in Honey before planting. Honey acts like a natural rooting hormone, it works like magic and makes a world of difference. After planting my succulents, I find it beneficial to use small smooth pebbles on top of the soil. This helps the soil and the stem of the succulent stay fixed in place, which promotes quicker rooting.

Happy Gardening


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