Succulents.. Tip #3 Don’t Overwater

The absolute worst thing you can do to a succulent is overwater it. Sadly, I have killed a beauty or two by overwatering… so lets talk about what constitutes “overwatering”
If you’re new to succulents, It’s easy to gauge watering by planting your succulent in a clear glass pot. I use everything from beautiful clear glass vintage tea cups to globes, mason jars, glass bowls, etc. The clear glass allows you to see how much water is in your succulent’s soil.

Soo.. what to do?? If you can see or feel moisture in your succulent’s soil, it’s not time to water yet!! It’s really as simple as that. Watering when there is still moisture in your succulent’s soil will cause root rot. These babies store water in their leaves. They can go weeks at a time without water. So don’t drown them!


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