Succulents… Tip #4 Air Those Babies Out

Honestly, besides being super trendy, mason jars are actually very functional for succulents. Believe it or not, mason jars and closed containers act like a mini greenhouse and advance the growth of your succulent.  They also hold moisture in a warm atmosphere for your succulent. This means that you will have to water your succulent WAY less frequently than when in an open to air pot. It’s also convenient that mason jars are clear and you can visually see when to water your plant.
The one catch to mason jars and closed container terrariums… When things look hot and moist on the inside, make sure you take the lid off and let things air out for a few hours or a day at a time. I’ve found that if you leave the lid on your succulent container for too long with too much moisture, your succulent will get root rot, molded and die. When I say too long, i mean I left the lid on a mason jar terrarium for like a week.. If your going on vacation or gonna be out of the house for a while I’d recommend to leave with the lid off. I’ve seen some bloggers swear by adding charcoal to the soil, to prevent this fungus and molding reaction. But I’ve found you can do just splendid without the charcoal, if you simply take the lid off your container every few days!
Succulents are very low maitenance. I hope my tips are showing you that over caring for your succulent is the worst thing you can do!



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