Propagating Succulents… Made Easy

When I first began caring for succulents i became interested in propagating them. And so, the experimenting began. Let me share with you what I have learned.

You can start growing your own succulents with as little as one plump succulent leaf. While the leaf may be small, it has to be a thick leaf with water stored in it for rooting to be successful. Otherwise, the leaf will soak up too much water from the soil, rot and basically disappear.

Wait a day to a few days before planting the leaf or cutting. This allows a callus to form where the cutting fell off the plant, also preventing the cutting from absorbing too much moisture. 

Dip the cutting in Honey. As explained in previous posts, Honey acts like a rooting hormone and expedites the growth process.

Use succulent/cactus soil and stick the callused bottom of the cutting in the soil. Leave a good portion of the cutting above soil to catch sunlight. 

Don’t expose the cuttings or leaves to harsh sunlight while rooting. This causes too much stress and the cutting wont root and grow.

Don’t water the cuttings or leaves. It’s best to just lightly moisten the soil and stir the moisture all around prior to planting the leaves.

Lastly, be patient and leave those babies alone! 


This is a picture of perfect rosettes growing from very small but plump leaves I cared for exactly as I described above. I planted the leaves and left them while on vacation for 2 weeks. I came home to a pleasant surprise :).


2 thoughts on “Propagating Succulents… Made Easy

  1. Pretty! I was curious as to how to propagate. Mine were rotting – and your tips explain why (didn’t wait for callus and too much water maybe)! Thank you!

    • Jessica, Glad to help! Feel free to comment with any questions you may have and any updates you would like to share with us about your succulents!
      Happy Gardening,

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