Propagating Succulents from Leaves… Cont’d

Hello fellow succulent beginners, lovers and experts :). A few weeks ago I shared details and a picture of succulent leaves I’m propagating. I’m so excited with their continued progress, I wanted to update everyone!

To refresh, I noticed some fallen leaves from my succulents, waited a few days for a callus to form, dipped them in honey and stuck them in porous soil. I didn’t water the leaves, simply neglecting them outside on the covered porch. Succulents are notorious for absorbing moisture from the air, and since New Jersey is so humid there’s no shortage of moisture in the air.

A few weeks has gone by and I still haven’t watered the leaves, nor put them in sunlight! Zero maintenance and yet beautiful baby succulents sprouting from fallen leaves! I do have to add that while I was away a cautious family member moved the succulents from under the porch, into our pitch black boathouse. I was amazed that after a week in pitch black, the leaves still sprouted new growth from their forming roots! Pretty fool proof right? Anyways, they’re back out under the porch now and sprouting like crazy. Here’s some pictures.


   You don’t have to get too fancy with planting these leaves either. I got this vintage baking pan from a yard sale for $1, threw some rocks in the bottom, followed by cactus soil and plopped those honey soaked leaves in the soil!


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