My bestselling scarf… now available to you, knit with organic cotton yarn

Last fall and winter, every spare moment was spent knitting this bestselling scarf. I had many requests for this cozy scarf, knit with Organic Cotton yarn. So to honor you conscious ones I love so much, I’ve made a listing for my infinity scarf; knit with the Organic Cotton yarn you all enjoyed last fall and winter.

It’s never too early to order your scarf. And it’s never too early to order this wardrobe staple for your friends and loved ones for christmas. Let’s get on those Christmas orders early this year- ya’ll had my fingers twisting and twirling until new years eve last year ;). Use this limited time coupon code “XMASINJULY” to get $5 for being an early bird. Early bird gets the worm… jk but really.

One brag I do have to add about this scarf… It’s great all season, It’s like having a soft cuddly blanket with you, that looks great… so you don’t have to wear a coat to stay warm in the fall.. Maybe that’s why Californian’s loved this scarf so much last year?? You tell me!


me enjoying my scarf


Are You a Knitter?

   I absolutely love knitting. I find it relaxing and gratifying. If you feel the same way, I bet you also like free knitting patterns! I have a whole “pinboard” on devoted to free knitting patterns and tutorials. I have over 100 pins in this board, its a plethora of free knitting knowledge. More knowledge than you can even find at your local library or craft store. Click the link above and you will be taken to my library of knitting knowledge and patterns!
I like to keep knitting simple. If you’re into really simple, one skein, knit stitch only patterns, check out the patterns for sale in my Etsy Shop. They’re super reasonable patterns for quick knit infinity scarves. It’s never too early to start preparing for next holiday season!

How to Finger Knit

I really like to switch it up when i knit. Doing different types of projects keeps me very interested and focused on creating beautiful knits. I just recently learned how to finger knit. I learned from a video on youtube. The video was really simple and within a few minutes I was already on my way to making these beautiful scarves!


These are my finger knit scarves for sale on etsy.