It’s Spring!

It’s spring! Spring marks the beginning of white tent season! Street festivals, farmers markets, pop up craft shows… And I’m so excited, I’m creating new products every day!

An old world apothecary vial filled with natural moss.  For Sale in our Etsy shop!

An old world apothecary vial filled with natural moss. For Sale in our Etsy shop!

All these new designs can be found in my etsy shop for purchase!


Handmade Holidays

    The Collingswood Farmer’s Market pops up right behind Haddon Ave, every Saturday 8 am-noon, May through Thanksgiving. Every November, the market celebrates Handmade Holidays with a lineup of talented artists and crafters. I’ll be set up with my beautiful hand knit scarves and succulent arrangements November 2nd, 16th and 23rd. November 9th I’ll be vending at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market. 




If you can’t make it out to any of these events, my Etsy Shop is always open. 

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Upcoming Shows

      Fall vending has already proved a blast at events like the Philly Aids Thrift Block Party, Evesham Harvest fest and I’m very excited about upcoming events I’ll be vending at. I have tons of scarves knit and brand new, unique succulent arrangements ready for the Haddonfield Renaissance Craft Fall Festival. There’s going to be over 100 vendors with their products for sale in front of the many great shops on Kings Highway on Saturday, October 19th from 10-5. Here’s the Facebook page for more information. 

Saturday, November 9th is the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market! Can’t wait. The Trenton Punk Rock Facebook page has tons of vendor pictures and information so you can get excited for whats in store! 

Saturday, December 14th I’ll be at my all time favorite Flea Market- Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market. A market with over 500 vendors, theres an awesome find for everyone. Check out my Facebook page to stay up to date with my vending information! You can always find my hand knit scarves for sale in my Etsy Shop. Feel free to contact me there with custom orders.

Succulents 101

So you’ve got yourself some lovely succulents… Now what? For starters, admire their beauty. There’s not much else you can do. Succulents are dessert plants. For those of you who are new to succulents, let me assure you, they will love you for neglecting them. To clients who want specific watering instructions, I recommend no more than 1 tbsp of water a month. It’s always best to underwater, not overwater. I can’t say that enough. Now sit back, relax and enjoy! Image

Some beautiful arrangements from my last batch :). 

How to Save Your Overwatered Succulents

 It’s okay, don’t punish yourself! We’ve all done it… Weather you left the poor guy out in the rain, or you personally threatened the life of your succulent by drowning him with water.. Your plant can be saved. 

 The main objective is to dry out the soil. I highly recommend using a little shovel or a big spoon to gently scoop the succulent out of the soil, along with the roots. Next, mix the wet soil with dry soil or put fresh dry soil in the pot. Replant your succulent and let it be. If doing this is not an option for you, you could try and let the sun dry the soil out for you. Image


My bestselling scarf… now available to you, knit with organic cotton yarn

Last fall and winter, every spare moment was spent knitting this bestselling scarf. I had many requests for this cozy scarf, knit with Organic Cotton yarn. So to honor you conscious ones I love so much, I’ve made a listing for my infinity scarf; knit with the Organic Cotton yarn you all enjoyed last fall and winter.

It’s never too early to order your scarf. And it’s never too early to order this wardrobe staple for your friends and loved ones for christmas. Let’s get on those Christmas orders early this year- ya’ll had my fingers twisting and twirling until new years eve last year ;). Use this limited time coupon code “XMASINJULY” to get $5 for being an early bird. Early bird gets the worm… jk but really.

One brag I do have to add about this scarf… It’s great all season, It’s like having a soft cuddly blanket with you, that looks great… so you don’t have to wear a coat to stay warm in the fall.. Maybe that’s why Californian’s loved this scarf so much last year?? You tell me!


me enjoying my scarf

Succulent Corsages and Succulent Bouquets…

I’ve recently met a few brides while at craft shows whom opted for succulent bouquets and corsages vs the traditional floral arrangements. I absolutely love this idea!! Finally a bouquet and or corsage that will truly survive the adventures of the wedding and live there on after…

I’d love to make some! If you are planning a wedding, or attending a dance or event where a corsage is suitable and you want to shake things up with one of succulents- comment, email me, message me on Etsy! Let me make your succulent boutonnieres and corsages! I would be happy to take your custom order!


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