Westmont Farmer’s Market

See ya tonight on Haddon Ave at the Westmont Farmer’s Market! The market runs from 4-8, with musical guest Bill Burleigh. I’ll be there with succulents :).



Caring for Succulents, Don’t Care at All!

Today I arrived at my apartment after a whole month away. My succulents were on the window sill looking better than ever. Living proof that it’s best to underwater your succulents as opposed to anything else! Remember, succulents are desert plants- members of the cacti family.

Another Day, Another Farmer’s Market

Kirby’s Mill Farmer Market has proved an enjoyable way to spend my Sunday afternoons. The customer’s are relaxed and its been a really nice vending experience. The market is every Sunday on Main Street in Medford, New Jersey from 10-2.


I’m really excited to vend at another farmer’s market. Tomorrow, Wednesday from 4-8pm I’ll be selling succulents at the Westmont Farmer’s Market. The market is in downtown Haddon Township, on the corner of Haddon Ave and Stratford Ave. The market draws a very solid crew of vendors, with four different farms, multiple bakeries, seafood markets and so on. I’d love to list all the awesome vendors you can find at this market, but here’s the complete list on the Westmont Farmer’s Market Facebook page. Tomorrow there will be live entertainment and who knows maybe the alpaca llamas will make a stop!


How to Save Your Overwatered Succulents

 It’s okay, don’t punish yourself! We’ve all done it… Weather you left the poor guy out in the rain, or you personally threatened the life of your succulent by drowning him with water.. Your plant can be saved. 

 The main objective is to dry out the soil. I highly recommend using a little shovel or a big spoon to gently scoop the succulent out of the soil, along with the roots. Next, mix the wet soil with dry soil or put fresh dry soil in the pot. Replant your succulent and let it be. If doing this is not an option for you, you could try and let the sun dry the soil out for you. Image


How to Beat Red Wine Stains… What Every Red Wine Lover Should Know.

This past weekend there was an accident in the household, and red wine landed on a cloth chair in my mother’s living room. Naturally, my two sisters and I had our laptops out in less than thirty seconds, searching Pinterest for stain remedies. Here’s exactly how we saved ourselves from our mother’s wrath.

Step 1. Lightly blot excess wine with a clean rag or paper towels.  Just be smart and try not to rub the wine in.

Step 2. Pour white vinegar on the stain. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Be patient and try not to panic ;). Again blot excess moisture with a clean rag or paper towel.

Step 3. Pour laundry detergent on the stain. By this time we could hardly tell where the stain was.. Let the detergent sit for about 5 minutes. Blot the excess moisture and let dry.

Voila, with simple household items and some patience, you may never have to worry about a red wine stain again. Trust me, it was really as easy as it sounds.


Repurposing When Planting Succulents…

I get a rush of excitement when I go into antique and thrift stores. For me, there’s no shopping more fun than scouring shelf after shelf of antiques and vintage goods. Here’s a few pictures of little knick knacks I’ve recently picked up at antique stores and planted succulents in.


From left to right: A blue chalk-stick and a green pinwheel planted in an animal crackers tin; green pinwheels planted in a vintage cocoa tin; a blue chalk-stick and green pinwheel planted in a vintage tobacco tin.Image

The tea pot spout even has a plant growing :)

Propagating Succulents from Leaves… Cont’d

Hello fellow succulent beginners, lovers and experts :). A few weeks ago I shared details and a picture of succulent leaves I’m propagating. I’m so excited with their continued progress, I wanted to update everyone!

To refresh, I noticed some fallen leaves from my succulents, waited a few days for a callus to form, dipped them in honey and stuck them in porous soil. I didn’t water the leaves, simply neglecting them outside on the covered porch. Succulents are notorious for absorbing moisture from the air, and since New Jersey is so humid there’s no shortage of moisture in the air.

A few weeks has gone by and I still haven’t watered the leaves, nor put them in sunlight! Zero maintenance and yet beautiful baby succulents sprouting from fallen leaves! I do have to add that while I was away a cautious family member moved the succulents from under the porch, into our pitch black boathouse. I was amazed that after a week in pitch black, the leaves still sprouted new growth from their forming roots! Pretty fool proof right? Anyways, they’re back out under the porch now and sprouting like crazy. Here’s some pictures.


   You don’t have to get too fancy with planting these leaves either. I got this vintage baking pan from a yard sale for $1, threw some rocks in the bottom, followed by cactus soil and plopped those honey soaked leaves in the soil!

My bestselling scarf… now available to you, knit with organic cotton yarn

Last fall and winter, every spare moment was spent knitting this bestselling scarf. I had many requests for this cozy scarf, knit with Organic Cotton yarn. So to honor you conscious ones I love so much, I’ve made a listing for my infinity scarf; knit with the Organic Cotton yarn you all enjoyed last fall and winter.

It’s never too early to order your scarf. And it’s never too early to order this wardrobe staple for your friends and loved ones for christmas. Let’s get on those Christmas orders early this year- ya’ll had my fingers twisting and twirling until new years eve last year ;). Use this limited time coupon code “XMASINJULY” to get $5 for being an early bird. Early bird gets the worm… jk but really.

One brag I do have to add about this scarf… It’s great all season, It’s like having a soft cuddly blanket with you, that looks great… so you don’t have to wear a coat to stay warm in the fall.. Maybe that’s why Californian’s loved this scarf so much last year?? You tell me!


me enjoying my scarf

Succulent Corsages and Succulent Bouquets…

I’ve recently met a few brides while at craft shows whom opted for succulent bouquets and corsages vs the traditional floral arrangements. I absolutely love this idea!! Finally a bouquet and or corsage that will truly survive the adventures of the wedding and live there on after…

I’d love to make some! If you are planning a wedding, or attending a dance or event where a corsage is suitable and you want to shake things up with one of succulents- comment, email me, message me on Etsy! Let me make your succulent boutonnieres and corsages! I would be happy to take your custom order!


picture via theflowerlab.com